Kopfbild Team

A strong team

Experience and new ideas

Schäfer Messe + Consulting thinks and acts as a team. Our 40 permanent employees include merchants, business economists, architects, logistical, carpenters, joiners, installers, warehousemen, fitters and drivers. Our long-term employees are happy to pass on their experience to the younger ones who inspire us with their new ideas. That is the reason why we are always up-to-date – in thinking, acting and with our technologies. We work together in partnership and try to achieve our goals together – in a respectful attitude with our customers.


“All good things come in threes”

Torsten Schäfer, Clare Schäfer and Erik Streich, three decision-makers are at the top of the company, which combine three things: a modern system partner with full service, the personal proximity of the family business and the value-oriented corporate philosophy. The managing partner Torsten Schäfer with his two authorized proxi holders work in the sense of his father and founder. This is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity.

Project management

“The success is in the detail”

Excellent work is the result of good planning – thus is most important for our project managers. Good Planning makes the impossible possible. The view on details as well as the future-view makes our project managers special. The fact is that our customers end up attracting visitors and celebrate success with their exhibition stand or shop. They always reach their goal..


“To be well organized is most important”

Our administrative specialists have a sensible digital folder structure. They deal sovereignly with numbers and administrative work. They are specialized on merchandising and are able to operate with commercial software. Debit and credit demands solid work which has been giving our customers safety for several years. We are glad having this backoffice.

Carpenter / workshop

“We can rely on our craftsmen”

Our experienced craftsmen fulfill three requirements – stand construction, furniture construction and shop fitting. They work very conscientiously and enjoy their workbenches. With their technical skills and in-depth knowledge, they process various materials using state-of-the-art machines. They create wood and multi-media walls for the perfect presentation. They are full of creative ideas.

Warehousing and Logistics

“Just in time”

Before a stand is a stable piece of art, thousands of pieces have to be put together. Our logisticals and warehousemen take care of these individual components and make sure the articles arrive safely and punctually. They send each lamp, display case and any other item to any location and then store these carefully. Now they are waiting for their next assignment – worldwide.


“Men for all tasks”

When the trucks have arrived at the cold exhibition halls, the work for our assembly team begins. Then everything is assembled according to plan. This is the theory but in reality, our fitters make the impossible possible: They also take on last minute changes and always keep calm. Hence to our team it is possible to be ready on time. In the meantime our workers have already sorted their tools and caught up on sleep, before it goes to the next site.